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1:59:49 PM Desktop setup complete!
1:59:49 PM Creating Desktop Shortcuts
1:59:05 PM Installing .vsix
1:58:56 PM Downloading samples
1:57:48 PM Installing Visual Studio Code (this might take a few minutes)
1:57:45 PM Setting up Desktop Experience
1:57:45 PM Container setup complete!
1:57:45 PM Ready for connections!
1:57:45 PM Initialization took 149 seconds
1:57:45 PM
1:57:45 PM
1:57:45 PM Files:
1:57:45 PM
1:57:44 PM Dev. ServerInstance : NAV
1:57:44 PM Dev. Server :
1:57:44 PM Web Client :
1:57:44 PM Container Dns Name :
1:57:44 PM Container Hostname : navserver
1:57:44 PM Container IP Address:
1:57:44 PM Creating SUPER user
1:57:44 PM Creating localadmin as SQL User and add to sysadmin
1:57:44 PM Setting SA Password and enabling SA
1:57:44 PM Creating http download site
1:57:44 PM Import License
1:57:44 PM Using license file 'c:\run\my\license.flf'
1:57:44 PM Creating DotNetCore Web Server Instance
1:57:44 PM Registering event sources
1:57:44 PM Starting Service Tier
1:57:44 PM Setting EnableTaskScheduler to true
1:57:44 PM Modifying Service Tier Config File with settings from environment variable
1:57:44 PM Modifying Service Tier Config File with Instance Specific Settings
1:57:44 PM Import Certificate to LocalMachine\my
1:57:44 PM Certificate File Thumbprint A77BDEF32FE216C75CA3D3AFC7ABD8C158B1C80E
1:57:44 PM Starting Internet Information Server
1:57:44 PM Starting Local SQL Server
1:57:44 PM Using NavUserPassword Authentication
1:57:44 PM PublicDnsName is
1:57:44 PM Hostname is navserver
1:57:44 PM Starting Container
1:57:44 PM Initializing...
1:57:44 PM Container output
1:57:43 PM Copying .vsix and Certificate to C:\ProgramData\navcontainerhelper\Extensions\navserver
1:52:31 PM Running (this will take a few minutes)
1:52:31 PM Locale ru-RU
1:52:31 PM Version 14.5.35970.0
1:52:31 PM Country ru
1:52:31 PM Using image
1:52:26 PM Installing OpenXML 2.5
1:52:23 PM Installing SQL Native Client
1:51:57 PM Installing Visual C++ Redist
1:51:57 PM Digest: sha256:ea15b7647da62f865c2159a4d95c0700b6d2b196ed680bc94c94bfadd2f46786
1:51:56 PM c001d56cf5e3: Pull complete
1:51:56 PM c13eb7665753: Pull complete
1:49:40 PM 37f2dbeae931: Pull complete
1:49:40 PM e371ca431517: Pull complete
1:49:39 PM b9b5207366e4: Pull complete
1:49:38 PM 075fb017fe89: Pull complete
1:49:38 PM 7232723c090d: Pull complete
1:49:37 PM 123e5ee5d687: Pull complete
1:49:36 PM f4861ea70117: Pull complete
1:44:45 PM 7def3be6c100: Pull complete
1:44:45 PM 540de9401ec7: Pull complete
1:44:44 PM 0ca478cbc58b: Pull complete
1:44:44 PM 34cd55a93cdf: Pull complete
1:44:43 PM 44fe583cb368: Pull complete
1:44:42 PM 2a614c88e998: Pull complete
1:44:42 PM a51970a17f87: Pull complete
1:44:41 PM 037b3c971dc8: Pull complete
1:44:41 PM 5ba3398a73a2: Pull complete
1:44:40 PM 6ae73b047a3b: Pull complete
1:44:39 PM 7b6be21e3379: Pull complete
1:44:39 PM af759c976187: Pull complete
1:44:38 PM 1e1ddae1d774: Pull complete
1:44:38 PM 4ffd7476b5b6: Pull complete
1:44:37 PM f38e7903260d: Pull complete
1:44:36 PM 4fff9002f270: Pull complete
1:44:28 PM 5529a3388918: Pull complete
1:44:27 PM 904907f82ae0: Pull complete
1:41:42 PM 99d6c3d6c6d0: Pull complete
1:41:42 PM 8460effdd7e0: Pull complete
1:41:40 PM dd053584facc: Pull complete
1:41:38 PM afc8145d5ad9: Pull complete
1:41:37 PM 98e6b1c4e2b9: Pull complete
1:41:19 PM 961727f6f265: Pull complete
1:41:18 PM e7a74de96ddd: Pull complete
1:34:12 PM c13eb7665753: Download complete
1:34:12 PM c13eb7665753: Verifying Checksum
1:34:10 PM c001d56cf5e3: Download complete
1:34:09 PM c001d56cf5e3: Verifying Checksum
1:34:06 PM f4861ea70117: Download complete
1:34:06 PM f4861ea70117: Verifying Checksum
1:34:06 PM 37f2dbeae931: Download complete
1:34:06 PM e371ca431517: Download complete
1:34:05 PM e371ca431517: Verifying Checksum
1:34:05 PM b9b5207366e4: Download complete
1:34:01 PM b9b5207366e4: Verifying Checksum
1:33:57 PM 075fb017fe89: Download complete
1:33:57 PM 075fb017fe89: Verifying Checksum
1:33:56 PM 7232723c090d: Download complete
1:33:56 PM 7232723c090d: Verifying Checksum
1:33:56 PM 123e5ee5d687: Download complete
1:33:55 PM 123e5ee5d687: Verifying Checksum
1:33:51 PM 7def3be6c100: Download complete
1:33:51 PM 7def3be6c100: Verifying Checksum
1:33:50 PM 540de9401ec7: Download complete
1:33:50 PM 540de9401ec7: Verifying Checksum
1:33:50 PM 0ca478cbc58b: Download complete
1:33:50 PM 0ca478cbc58b: Verifying Checksum
1:33:47 PM 34cd55a93cdf: Download complete
1:33:47 PM 34cd55a93cdf: Verifying Checksum
1:33:47 PM 44fe583cb368: Download complete
1:33:47 PM 44fe583cb368: Verifying Checksum
1:33:47 PM 2a614c88e998: Download complete
1:33:47 PM 2a614c88e998: Verifying Checksum
1:33:46 PM a51970a17f87: Download complete
1:33:46 PM a51970a17f87: Verifying Checksum
1:33:46 PM 037b3c971dc8: Download complete
1:33:46 PM 037b3c971dc8: Verifying Checksum
1:33:46 PM 5ba3398a73a2: Download complete
1:33:46 PM 5ba3398a73a2: Verifying Checksum
1:33:44 PM af759c976187: Download complete
1:33:44 PM af759c976187: Verifying Checksum
1:33:44 PM 7b6be21e3379: Download complete
1:33:44 PM 7b6be21e3379: Verifying Checksum
1:33:44 PM 6ae73b047a3b: Download complete
1:33:44 PM 6ae73b047a3b: Verifying Checksum
1:33:38 PM 1e1ddae1d774: Download complete
1:33:38 PM 1e1ddae1d774: Verifying Checksum
1:33:38 PM 904907f82ae0: Download complete
1:33:38 PM 904907f82ae0: Verifying Checksum
1:33:38 PM 4ffd7476b5b6: Download complete
1:33:38 PM 4ffd7476b5b6: Verifying Checksum
1:33:35 PM f38e7903260d: Download complete
1:33:35 PM f38e7903260d: Verifying Checksum
1:33:35 PM 4fff9002f270: Download complete
1:33:35 PM 4fff9002f270: Verifying Checksum
1:33:31 PM e7a74de96ddd: Download complete
1:33:31 PM e7a74de96ddd: Verifying Checksum
1:33:31 PM 5529a3388918: Download complete
1:33:31 PM 5529a3388918: Verifying Checksum
1:33:29 PM 8460effdd7e0: Download complete
1:33:29 PM 8460effdd7e0: Verifying Checksum
1:33:29 PM 99d6c3d6c6d0: Download complete
1:33:28 PM 99d6c3d6c6d0: Verifying Checksum
1:33:26 PM dd053584facc: Download complete
1:33:26 PM dd053584facc: Verifying Checksum
1:33:26 PM afc8145d5ad9: Download complete
1:33:26 PM afc8145d5ad9: Verifying Checksum
1:33:24 PM 961727f6f265: Download complete
1:33:24 PM 961727f6f265: Verifying Checksum
1:33:24 PM 98e6b1c4e2b9: Download complete
1:33:22 PM c001d56cf5e3: Waiting
1:33:22 PM c13eb7665753: Waiting
1:33:22 PM 37f2dbeae931: Waiting
1:33:22 PM e371ca431517: Waiting
1:33:22 PM b9b5207366e4: Waiting
1:33:22 PM 123e5ee5d687: Waiting
1:33:22 PM f4861ea70117: Waiting
1:33:22 PM 7def3be6c100: Waiting
1:33:22 PM 540de9401ec7: Waiting
1:33:22 PM 0ca478cbc58b: Waiting
1:33:22 PM 34cd55a93cdf: Waiting
1:33:22 PM 44fe583cb368: Waiting
1:33:22 PM 075fb017fe89: Waiting
1:33:22 PM 7232723c090d: Waiting
1:33:22 PM 2a614c88e998: Waiting
1:33:22 PM 037b3c971dc8: Waiting
1:33:22 PM 5ba3398a73a2: Waiting
1:33:22 PM 6ae73b047a3b: Waiting
1:33:22 PM a51970a17f87: Waiting
1:33:22 PM 7b6be21e3379: Waiting
1:33:22 PM af759c976187: Waiting
1:33:22 PM 1e1ddae1d774: Waiting
1:33:22 PM 4ffd7476b5b6: Waiting
1:33:22 PM f38e7903260d: Waiting
1:33:21 PM 4fff9002f270: Waiting
1:33:21 PM 5529a3388918: Waiting
1:33:21 PM 904907f82ae0: Waiting
1:33:21 PM 99d6c3d6c6d0: Waiting
1:33:21 PM 8460effdd7e0: Waiting
1:33:21 PM dd053584facc: Waiting
1:33:21 PM afc8145d5ad9: Waiting
1:33:21 PM c001d56cf5e3: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM c13eb7665753: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM 37f2dbeae931: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM e371ca431517: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM b9b5207366e4: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM 075fb017fe89: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM 7232723c090d: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM 123e5ee5d687: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM f4861ea70117: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM 7def3be6c100: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM 540de9401ec7: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM 0ca478cbc58b: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM 34cd55a93cdf: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM 44fe583cb368: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM 2a614c88e998: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM a51970a17f87: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM 037b3c971dc8: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM 5ba3398a73a2: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM 6ae73b047a3b: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM 7b6be21e3379: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM af759c976187: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM 1e1ddae1d774: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM 4ffd7476b5b6: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM f38e7903260d: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM 4fff9002f270: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM 5529a3388918: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM 904907f82ae0: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM 99d6c3d6c6d0: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM 8460effdd7e0: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM dd053584facc: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM afc8145d5ad9: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM 98e6b1c4e2b9: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM 961727f6f265: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM e7a74de96ddd: Pulling fs layer
1:33:21 PM 65014b3c3121: Already exists
1:33:19 PM ru-ltsc2019: Pulling from businesscentral/onprem
1:33:12 PM Pulling (this might take ~30 minutes)
1:33:12 PM Adding Landing Page to Startup Group
1:33:12 PM Add Import navcontainerhelper to PowerShell profile
1:33:12 PM Disabling Server Manager Open At Logon
1:33:12 PM Show hidden files and file types
1:33:12 PM Enabling Font Download in IE
1:33:12 PM Enabling File Download in IE
1:33:11 PM Enabling Docker API
1:33:11 PM Starting docker
1:33:11 PM Creating WinRM listener
1:33:11 PM Creating Firewall rile for WinRM
1:33:01 PM Enabling PS Remoting
1:32:58 PM SetupVm, User: localadmin
1:32:47 PM Launch SetupVm
1:32:47 PM Register RestartContainers Task to start container delayed
1:32:28 PM Installing AzureAD PowerShell package
1:28:55 PM Installing AzureRM PowerShell package
1:28:51 PM SetupStart, User: olkovbc14$
1:26:29 PM Restarting computer and start Installation tasks
1:24:58 PM Using Lets Encrypt certificate
1:24:58 PM Using Nav Container Helper version
1:24:38 PM Installing Latest Nav Container Helper from PowerShell Gallery
1:24:38 PM Downloading C:\DEMO\Install-VS2017Community.ps1
1:24:38 PM Downloading c:\demo\restartContainers.ps1
1:24:38 PM Downloading c:\demo\SetupStart.ps1
1:24:38 PM Downloading c:\demo\SetupVm.ps1
1:24:37 PM Downloading c:\demo\SetupAAD.ps1
1:24:37 PM Downloading c:\demo\SetupNavContainer.ps1
1:24:37 PM Downloading c:\demo\SetupDesktop.ps1
1:24:37 PM Downloading c:\myfolder\SetupWebClient.ps1
1:24:37 PM Turning off IE Enhanced Security Configuration
1:24:37 PM Creating Connect.rdp
1:24:36 PM Downloading C:\inetpub\wwwroot\web.config
1:24:36 PM Downloading C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Microsoft.png
1:24:36 PM Downloading C:\inetpub\wwwroot\line.png
1:24:36 PM Downloading C:\inetpub\wwwroot\status.aspx
1:24:36 PM Downloading C:\inetpub\wwwroot\default.aspx
1:22:16 PM Installing Internet Information Server (this might take a few minutes)
1:22:02 PM TemplateLink:
1:22:02 PM Initialize, user: olkovbc14$
1:22:02 PM Running Windows Server 2019 Datacenter
1:22:02 PM Starting initialization